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The Follies by Charlie Usher

The Follies by Charlie Usher


Between 2016-2021, Charlie Usher travelled around Britain and mainland Europe capturing what he saw on a small camera which fit neatly in his pocket, the pictures from these years make up his newest book: The Follies. 

The images are observant; Charlie, and those in his photographs, are looking for something; inspecting maps, looking under walls, in museums and churches, we peer round corners and through fences. 

In this small, pocket-sized book Charlie’s images ask the question of what it means to look. They ask why we do this and what are we looking for? It is in this simple interrogation that Charlie transforms the act of looking into an ongoing question. 

A folly serves no practical purpose - perhaps its appearance suggests function, but truthfully it is simply decorative - yet it is good for looking at. 

72 pages 
205 x 120 mm
Bound with thread 

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