Welcome to Photobook Cafe Market place, a new online space to sell photo books, prints and zines.

This space is designed to keep you, the photographer or publisher in control of how you sell your books, zines or prints.

This is like having your own online shop through your own website. You can build your own online market place in a way that works for you, as well as be in direct contact with your audience. PBC will showcase all new books on the Market Place through our Social Media, Newsletter and via the cafe. 

Below are a series of directions that will help you set up your own Market Place.


Commission for selling books, zines & prints via the market place is set by Photobook Cafe. This is taken off when your book is sold. The starting commission for new Market Place vendors over the next 3 months is 5%. This helps to cover the cost of the website. Please note Pay Pal take 2.99% off all transaction fees plus 30p on small transactions, so please price your items accordingly. 


Postage fee is set via PBC. All products need to have weight added to the product page. UK Postage is set at £5.95 postage for all orders.

EU, CANADA AND USA have set costs depending on weight. Same with REST OF THE WORLD - SEE POSTAGE GUIDE BELOW.

Add weight of product and size of the product. The weight must be in Kilograms (KG). This helps to guide the correct shipping cost. 

Europe / USA / Canada

0 -1kg £12

1kg - 1.5kg £15

1.5kg - 2kg £18

2kg - 2.5kg £22

2.5kg - 5kg £27

5kg and over £35


Rest of World

0 -1kg £15

1kg - 1.5kg £18

1.5kg - 2kg £21

2kg - 2.5kg £26

2.5kg - 3.5kg £32

3.5kg - 4kg £40

4kg - 5kg £48

5kg and over £60

These postage fees are sent to to you within the final payout. Payouts are sent automatically when the product is fulfilled via the seller.



Before you make your account you need to photograph your product.

Images should be sized to 1400w x 1050h px @ 72DPI

The images should be photographed on light grey background with even light.

You can upload a max of 10 images and the cover image of the book, zine or print should be your starting image. See other products in the store for reference. 

These should be in landscape ONLY.


SELLER INSTRUCTIONS. Please follow these carefully. 




1. Click on link and make an account

2. Once account is made, it will be verified

3. Log into account

4. Here you can see the back end of your Market Space.

You can make a profile, upload publications, see what has been sold and when pay outs will be sent.

On the main dashboard you can see you sales, statistics, store earnings, top sold products and recent orders.

First you need to set up your seller profile.

Select Profile in banner and click My Account -


Here you can enter all the information for your Market Place.

Your store name, address, store description, seller image and logo.

Please add your own seller policy. These are the guidelines that work for you as a seller. How will the books be posted, packaged and when will the be distributed as well as a return or refund policy. 




Now go to PROFILE in banner - PAYMENT DETAILS


We can only pay via PAY-PAL at this time please add the information here of your pay pal email.




Now go to PRODUCTS and select + ADD PRODUCT


Here you can upload your photo book that you would like to sell.


Choose Product - Keep as NORMAL PRODUCT


Title/Product Name: Publication name and artist name


Please label your product under one of these categories - Product Type: Book, Print, Zine


Add the description about the book, print or zine. This should include size, paper type, page count, publisher name, binding, edition and signed or unsigned. 

Product tags: Enter tags related to product.

You can also add Variants of your product. Is there a special edition that comes with a print, or does a print come in different sizes or framed or unframed. 




Add weight of product and size of the product. The weight must be in Kilograms (KG). This helps to guide the correct shipping cost. 




Add price. Leave Compare at price blank. (This can be used if you want to have a sale on a certain book or it is discounted)


UNTICK: Charge Taxes on the product. Books to not have VAT.




SKU and BARCODE: Leave blank.


TRACK INVENTORY: Add how many books you have to sell.


If the book come with a print or a different price for a special edition. You can add this variant here.




You book will now be varied by the PBC team and will go live on the MARKET SPACE.



When you receive an order this will be shown is ORDER LISTINGS.

Select the new order by clicking ACTION and VIEW.

Here you can view all the order info, including payment details and address of customer.

This is also where you can fulfil the order.

Once the order has been recived you can fulfil the order and the payment will be automatically sent to you via pay pal.

For any queries please email: