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All proceeds from print and artist book sales go to environmental charities and causes. 

Nana’s Against Fracking are a non-violent collective of like-minded individuals from local communities who have a true sense of what it means to care about future generations, fighting to protect us all from the effects of fracking and the use of fossil fuels.

Nanashire came into existence when fracking came to the UK. The Nana’s toured, talked, petitioned, lobbied, knitted, disrupted and did all they could to stop fracking practices in their local communities, often working alongside other activist groups & non-government organisation’s.

Nanashire offers a friendly introduction to the world of campaigning and activism for those who haven’t found a way to contribute otherwise. You don’t have to be a little old lady to be a part of Nanashire, although you are certainly welcome if you are.

The name ‘Nanashire’ is not about a place where grandmas live... Nor is it about being a grandmother, many ‘Nanas’ are young or don’t have grandchildren. Nanashire is about being Nana-like; standing up for what matters and visibly objecting to projects and industries that would harm our families, communities, the natural environment and essential resources, such as air and water.

 Nanas share a peaceful yet firm determination to make the world a better place, starting in their own back yards. They arrive with tea and cake to ease communication at contentious sites, they provide information about the risks of fossil fuels to communities, sharing their collective knowledge and offering plans for the future that will benefit their local communities.

This particular group of Nana’s protested for over 1000 days at a fracking site on Preston New Road in Blackpool, throughout all seasons and often against strong and forceful opposition from the local authorities.

Thankfully fracking is now on hiatus in the UK so Nanashire is focussing it’s attention on other polluting and dangerous industries.

“When we each stood up to oppose fracking, we were deeply concerned individuals and virtually powerless against a mighty industry... In finding each other and uniting, we have become so much greater than the sum of our parts.”

Tina Rothery (Nana Queenie)

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