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Rock, Paper, Scissors by Mathieu Chaze

Rock, Paper, Scissors by Mathieu Chaze

Mathieu Chaze

" “Rock, Paper, Scissors" began as a photo essay from French artist, Mathieu Chaze, to his sons while they teetered on the edge of their childhood. Over a relatively short but intense period of time, the photographer created a poetic, intimate and at times cinematic body of work that culminated in a celebrated photobook of the same name. The project ultimately surpasses the boundaries of Chaze’s own family and becomes a universal tale about boyhood, fatherhood, nature and our place within it." -
Carrie Scott 

Sally Mann wrote about “Rock, Paper, Scissors” - “It’s beautifully done and those boys will treasure it, just as he hoped. Although, at the end he tells them not to take themselves (“ourselves”) too seriously, I’m not so sure I think that was the right advice. He took himself, and his passion, seriously enough, apparently, to quit his job and devote himself to making a mark, an artistic mark— he gave something truly meaningful to those kids and to anyone fortunate enough to see the book. Those boys I hope will be allowed to take themselves as seriously. They do have a good role model.”

Publication date: December 2021

First edition of 500 copies / Signed

Size: 19.5 cm x 25.5 cm

144 pages

61 tritones images printed on Symbol Tatami 135g.

Photographs: Mathieu Chaze

Printed in Italy with Vegetal Inks by Grafiche Antiga

Published by BurnBooks

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