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Radiance - Will Adams

Radiance - Will Adams

Will Adams

Historically, the fear of an all-seeing god looking down upon us was used as a means of control. As society has become more secular, the thermal imaging camera has taken over this role. It casts its lens down from above, stripping the identity from its targets and transforms them into radiant entities. These screenshots are taken from videos that have been released by various police forces to promote the work they are doing, but it also highlights how the militarisation of the city relies on the de-humanisation of the urban population.

This 72 page hand-made publication has been printed with black and silver ink, with black edge painting.
Perfect Bound
Soft Cover: G.F. Smith Colorplan Ebony 175gsm 
Stora Enso Matte Coated 100gsm

Book Dimensions 120x153mm.

Self-published at London College of Communication, 2022

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