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Parish Walls by Nathaniel Bailey: 09

Parish Walls by Nathaniel Bailey: 09


Digital C Type prints from scanned Handprints made by the photographer.

Edition of 10

Parish Walls, is an ongoing endeavour focused on documenting parishes such as Saint Mary, Saint Thomas, Saint Ann, Portland, and Kingston in the Caribbean island of Jamaica.

Parish Walls covers the breadth of everyday life outside of the common tourist gaze that many photographers travelling to the Caribbean often create for.

The initial aim for this project was to open doors and present a side of Jamaica that is rarely seen, however the journey became somewhat of a personal exploration; forging and developing my own connection to the island my family hail from, which in turn is informing my identity as a young black man in Great Britain.

The impact that I envision for the project Parish Walls is to hopefully encourage more young people like myself to interrogate their own culture and make their own unique connection to it.

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