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P. STAN by Charlie Hardman

P. STAN by Charlie Hardman


P. STAN Newspaper

Pakistan is positioned at the crossroads of the Middle East and South Asia. Much like many of its neighbours Pakistan is portrayed in Western media as a red zone. This is due to natural disasters, infrequent terrorist attacks and corruption. This has inevitably shaped the way of life of it’s nationals. The risk associated with Pakistan led me to question how that risk plays into daily life. The answer I got gave me insight into a mentality faced in not knowing what the future holds. The pictures featured in this newsprint document the people and places that answered that question.

Item Description

P.STAN contains a selection of photographs captured in Pakistan (2023) to document the reality of the country and the system dictating it during that period.

  • First edition published in 2024 in print run of 30 copies.

  • Digital Broadsheet newspaper, endorse folded.

  • 32 pages of 55gsm newsprint.

  • 350mm x 500mm dimensions.

  • Comes in print protective sleeve.

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