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Only the man on the moon know and he won’t tell by Niall Hodson

Only the man on the moon know and he won’t tell by Niall Hodson


‘Only the man on the moon knows, and he won’t tell’ is a catchphrase commonly used by my beloved grandma. This phrase is her way of reminding me to let go and not worry about problems that are out of my control. It was her method of comforting me in times of uncertainty.

I began working on this project three and a half years ago when I had to return to my hometown in Greater Manchester. This was due to the first COVID outbreak, which meant I had to leave London unexpectedly. I returned home and I was gutted.

However, I began to develop a real sense of nostalgia for my childhood town. I rediscovered the wonders of Manchester: noticing the beauty and perfection of my long-forgotten home—the light, the people, and the overlooked elegance of this industrial city. It inspired me to begin documenting people, real people, which held real sentimental value for me. It reminded me of being young.

This collection of photographs displays innocence and the wonderment of everyday life, serving as a reminder of what was once my life but continues in my absence.

Now that my childhood has passed, I’ve reached an age where I can reflect on my younger self. Looking back, I understand what the man on the Moon once knew, and now; I know it too.
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