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Of Kent: England Re-Opening (UK 2022) - Marianne Dissard

Of Kent: England Re-Opening (UK 2022) - Marianne Dissard

Marianne Dissard


UK street photography. Last few copies. Signed

  • First edition of 100

  • 60 pages

  • 49 photos

  • Size: 21cm x 15cm

  • Paperback softcover

  • Printed in the UK by ExWhyZed Printing

  • Self-published

  • Bilingual edition FR/EN

  • 2022

ABOUT the book:

I made these 49 photos in towns and villages along and inland of the Kentish coast: Dover, Folkestone, Dungeness, Canterbury, Faversham, Deal, Ramsgate, Manston, Margate, and Ashford.

I lived in Ramsgate the year ‘Christmas was cancelled’ during the harsh 2021 ‘Alpha variant winter’. That spring, after the start of the vaccination campaign, it became ‘legal’ again to get back on trains and buses.

Some of these photos show ‘English’ (to me!) urban and rural landscapes I encountered whilst roaming the coastline, streets, and fields of this corner of Kent whilst others show people attempting a return to 'normal' life after a year of lockdowns and travel restrictions.

It's a small but arresting book, my first, that's very easy to like.


ABOUT the author:

Marianne Dissard moved to Arizona from France as a teenager, and lived and studied filmmaking in Phoenix and Los Angeles before moving to Tucson in 1994 and making her home in the Sonoran desert town for two decades.

Singer & performer, lyricist & author, producer & filmmaker, and most recently street photographer, she is probably best known for the music she recorded over two decades in Tucson. She’s been based in the UK since 2017.


In the fall 2020, her touring cancelled, Marianne Dissard began compulsively photographing daily in the perimeter allowed around her home. This project eventually culminated in a large-scale site-specific outdoor installation in the Ramsgate harbour and the following year to solo gallery shows in Paris and Glasgow, and a book titled 'On A Good Day, You Can See France' (now sold out:

Doris Johnson’ from the Ramsgate series was exhibited at Turner Contemporary in Margate in their fall 2021 Open group show. Four large metal prints are on permanent public exhibitions in Ramsgate harbour and Ramsgate Music Hall.

A second street photography project, in Knightsbridge, London this time, was initiated as visuals for Dissard's new stage production, ‘Souvenir of England’, in 2022, and is now ongoing, with a first solo exhibition planned at Ramsgate Festival of Sound in August 2023.

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