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North-Minded by Kaye Song

North-Minded by Kaye Song


North-Minded is a collection of landscape images made whilst driving 1000km of Norwegian coastline to visit the Steilneset Memorial - a monument commemorating the trial and execution of 91 people for witchcraft - situated in Vardø, the easternmost town of Norway at the edge of Arctic world.

North-Minded is also a phrase coined by writer Robert Macfarlane:

‘In certain regions of the far north, where the dust content of the atmosphere is close to zero, light is able to move unscattered through the air. In such places, under such conditions, faraway objects can often appear uncannily close at hand to the observer. The lichen patterns on a boulder can be seen from aa hundred yards, cormorants on a sea-stack seem with reach of touch. Distance enables miracles of scrutiny; remoteness is a medium clarification.’

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