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MEGA//MONO//LITH ii by Foxtrot Lightning

MEGA//MONO//LITH ii by Foxtrot Lightning

Foxtrot Lightning

Tripped up stones and lithic wonders.
21 x 25.5 cm
32 full colour pages on 90gsm paper
Plus 20 page sealed insert with metallic cover – rip it to see what’s inside!
Limited Edition of 99
Signed and numbered

Special Edition with print
The first 33 available as a special edition with a 10 x 8″ standing stone print on metallic paper

Limited Edition Prints also available.

The zine is about the magic in stones: some are man-made monuments, stones planted in the ground by people thousands of years ago, menhirs and stone circles.
Others are monoliths that are natural wonders, whose names I might not know but whose presence stopped me in my tracks when I saw them. Close up images are juxtaposed with those shot at a distance then multiplied into fractals, amplifying the ancient and mystic qualities of stone.

Published by Foxtrot Lightning Publications, 2023
Foxtrot Lightning is the name for creative projects by Sophie Polyviou.
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