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Lost and Found by James Perolls

Lost and Found by James Perolls


Photography by James Perolls, Styling by Dean Davies


Merging James’ cinematic and narrative-led photography with Dean’s distinctive styling inspired by his upbringing, Lost and Found juxtaposes elements of fashion with the narrative of a turbulent friendship between a group of four. Drawing inspiration from the British fashion aesthetics of the 2000s while delving into the unpredictable journey of friendships, Lost and Found is a fictional story that explores the intricacies of companionship.

 First Edition of 250 copies 

 Published by James Perolls. 
Softcover book, Offset Lithography printed.
Singer Sewn bound.
200gsm Fedrigoni cover, 135gsm Fedrigoni text pages.
135gsm GF Smith Colorplan endpapers.
203x254mm, 28 photographs, 48 pages.
Printed by Taylor Brothers in England.

Models: Miriam Pescaru, Ruby Ward, Sashuana Newman, and Sibilla Bevi
Casting by Lucy Howell
Hair by Rebecca Chang
Make-up by Linda Johansson
Photography Assistance by Maya Aska
Styling Assistance by Jessica Rattray and Kate Bentley
Hair Assistance by Dario Grassi
Post-production by INK
Book Design by Heena Chung
Special thanks to Alina Hutchings, Andy Jordan, and Matt Martin

 ISBN 978-1-3999-7437-0 © James Perolls, 2023

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