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Image Shop Camp Vol - Spécial Arles ! (FANZINE VERSION)

Image Shop Camp Vol - Spécial Arles ! (FANZINE VERSION)


Image Shop Camp Vol - Spécial Arles ! (FANZINE VERSION)

Photographs: Collective

Publisher: Le Plac'art Photo & Galerie Sinibaldi

(62) pages

Year: 2023

Comments: Softcover, stapled, 21 × 29.7 cm, laser prints in b&w and color, 7 folding pages. Printed by Alamaison printing and the photocopier in the Gallery Sinibaldi, the catalog will be completed at the time of exhibition, at Gallery Sinibaldi in Arles. 

Using the unique graphic design, typography and photographic language of the « Image Shop Camp vol.1 or Last! » issue, here is the catalogue to Le Plac'art Photo and Alain Sinibaldi's exhibition CAMP in Arles 2023. 

This new issue gathers the works of photographers that exhibited their photographs in the gallery created by Daido Moriyama in 1976, Image Shop Camp. It includes works by Daido Moriyama, Susumu Fujita, Osamu Takizawa, Tatsuki Sugitomo and Noriko Shibuya. As well as archive images and flyers from the gallery. Image Shop Camp influenced a new generation of photographers as one of the first independent gallery of photography in Japan. 

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