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Feminist Imaginings Zine

Feminist Imaginings Zine


Feminist imaginings is a queer feminist print publication, and collection of works orientated around utopian feminist imagining as a route to respond to personal-political difficulties. Containing long form prose, illustration, collaborative projects and photography, subjects explored span everything from the experience of the male gaze when dating as a queer person, to the architecture of protest.

From cross stitch and illustration to essays and extracts, the publication holds an array of ways of thinking, creating, reflecting and expressing on this theme. To imagine requires the individual to look beyond what exists, engage creatively and critically with their own experience and in turn fantasise about an alternative. It is an open ended, forward looking, and inherently hope-filled endeavour. In using this as a prompt we hoped to create a space to explore the potential that imagination can hold, a place that can be restorative and invigorating for those creating within it.

Feminist Imaginings is an ongoing project - a slow-forming collective and publishing platform initiated by Ellis Tree and Melisande Prince-Hodges.

Contributors for Volume 1 include: Mia Giacone, Alice Wong, Emily Reed, Grace Talbot, Isobel Mills, Lilia De Abreu, Alice Everall.

Risograph Printed with hand stitching

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