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A Guide to Fry an Egg: The Egg Theory on Photography

A Guide to Fry an Egg: The Egg Theory on Photography

Manyi Chan


Observing, picking, measuring, transforming, flavouring, distributing, and being consumed... I have set up a humorous hypothesis that traces the uncanny similarities of the process between ‘frying an egg’ and ‘taking a photograph’ from the nature of the subject to its multiple strategies and manifestations. Through the perspective of the symbolic interactionism theory proposed by the sociologist Herbert Blumer, this essay investigates the ways in which the creation, observation, and dissemination of images in contemporary society can be seen similarly to how we consume eggs.

The fleshiness and fluidity, choices of cracking, consumer culture, the postmodern moulds, abjection of the yolk, expiration date, salt and pepper, as well as all the invisible diseases...


Year: 2023
Book size: 148mm x 210mm, 44 pages
Printed on Neenah Environment FSC-certified paper, Saddle Stitch.

Self-published in London.
ISBN 978-1-3999-5455-6

By Manyi Chan

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